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Taking Nothing of the Gentiles

By Ron Courter (Excerpt from Article Originally Printed October 15, 1982)

It is almost a daily experience to pass signs advertising fund-raisers for some church or religious group. Television programs associated with religion constantly make a plea for money to aid their labors. The pleas are pitched toward anyone and everyone out there. This raises the interesting question of why those who claim to be God’s people seek the financial aid of those who make up the world? How did the early church support itself in carrying forth the name of Jesus? Does the Bible set forth principles regarding the funds of the church or is it left for man’s way?

It is evident the religious world gives little thought about how money is raised, but much thought to how much money they can raise. Surely, this is wrong and reflects the general mood of society. Concession stands or Games of chance are a constant source of money for “Good works” today.  But what does the Bible teach about church fund raising? Continue reading

The Foundation of Faith

By Ron Courter (Excerpt from Article originally printed August 31st, 1976)

Does the Bible teach that one feels because of the faith he has or one believes because of the feelings he has? The question focuses on faith in Christ, but in reality it is an important facet of every decision making process. The question does not infer we come to each new situation void of feeling, but whether we have our feelings in check to the degree of being able to sift the evidence fairly. The question is asked because men must determine what is the foundation of their faith no matter what the object of their faith is. Why do we want men to ask themselves about the foundation of their faith? It determines their eternal destiny.

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