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Gleanings from Samuel’s Early Years (Part 2)

By Ron Courter (Excerpt from Article Originally Printed August 31, 1985)

Our last reflections were upon Samuel’s growth and the role ministering had in that growth. We also considered the role of ministering in spiritual growth today. We must lament the void of ministry found among us today. It is sad how few Christians are alert to sharing and meeting the needs of fellow saints and their opportunities to strengthen the church. Do our sisters pick up the telephone and say let us take lunch to an elderly person, a widow or a sick saint these days? Not enough. Do our brothers pick up the telephone and call, saying, let us visit the family missing more and more of the assemblies? Not enough. Do the young members say let us make an arrangement to sing at the local rest home? Not enough.

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Gleanings from Samuel’s Early Years (Part 1)

By Ron Courter (Excerpt from Article Originally Printed July 31, 1985)

The opening chapters of 1 Samuel tells of Samuel’s birth and the genesis of molding one of God’s great servants. Samuel’s time on life’s stage takes in the ending of the judges of Israel and the beginning of an era of kings and prophets in Israel. His life was during the threshold years of great change for Israel, as kings were anointed and prophets began to appear and preached with regularity for several years. It is true there were prophets prior to this time, but now we enter a period of abundant labor by the prophets of God.

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Moses, Faithful in All His House

By Ron Courter (Excerpt from Article Originally Printed April 15, 1976)

Hebrews 3:5 puts the above words as a proper description of the man Moses. When you travel through the wilderness with Israel you begin to understand why. You don’t understand the strength behind the word “faithful,” until you start to walk the desert with Moses and listen to all the foul complaints that were cast his way. You don’t understand the appreciation God has for a faithful person, unto you think of a man willing to trust in an invisible army to overcome the horse and the chariot. The word “faithful” never comes alive, until you are faced with the recognition of making a choice that consciously puts you into a position of being unfavorable. Yes, Moses was faithful. WHY? His life reveals that all of the above were faced; and still he was willing to care for God’s people. Moses was a leader, a shepherd, a man of anger and compassion, but most of all he was faithful. Continue reading