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Have Ye Not Read?

By Ron Courter (Excerpt from Article originally printed January 28th, 1976)

We began the year with a cry for revival. It is a plea that we do not intend to quiet. We are fully convinced that no possible spiritual revival can begin or be sustained without Bible reading. Possibly you have not noticed how many times in the scriptures Jesus asks, “Have ye not read?” Jesus expected men to read and to know from their reading. When men asked questions about various subjects, Jesus often answered by saying, “have ye not read?” When they discussed eating on the Sabbath, the question of divorce, his messiah-ship, and the resurrection he spoke of what reading would have taught them. Jesus plainly states, “If you don’t read, you can not know.” A decline in bible reading is very evident from conversations on the Bible. Also, fewer and fewer people follow lessons in their Bible or note the scripture being used. This is another symptom of less open Bibles. (Read the following Matthew12: 3; 19:4; 21:16; 22:31; Mark 12: 10,26).

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The Book of Books

By Ron Courter (Excerpt from Article originally printed January 30th, 1982)

The Bible, what a book, it stands alone. Year after year, the Bible is a best seller in a world that does not often agree with it. No book has been translated more than the Bible. Actually, the Bible is sixty-six books written over 1,600 years by forty different men. The unity of the book defies human possibility. Truly it is easier to accept the Bible as the word of God than try to explain it as the work of men.

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